Debut Album Available 7.7.17



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Hailing from the landscapes of Aurora in Canada, Pop/EDM Recording Artist, kAt blAck, began honing her craft with music 15 years ago when she began writing and recording songs in her home studio. Since then, kAt blAck has manifested into a multifaceted and well-polished artist ready to take her music career to the next level. Known for having an edgy and charismatic sensibility with her take on the pop & EDM-oriented genre, kAt blAck brings a dynamic versatility to her musical persona and is completely self-taught with writing, composing, and producing. kAt blAck is the perfect example of a hands-on musician that mastered her craft by writing and recording for many years; solidifying a sound that is very appealing, established and natural for kAt blAck’s musical realm.

Currently, kAt blAck is working on her debut album “She Is Love”, a 13-track LP of songs about empowerment, staying strong, faith, hope and unconditional love for the natural world. The album is slated for release this year in 2017. In the meantime, be sure to connect with kAt blAck on all Social Media platforms to keep up with News, Music, Events, and everything she has planned in the shortcoming and beyond.


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