Isn’t it time for a little more love in your life? Singer kAt blAck surely thinks so and her Debut Album, ‘She Is Love’ shares her love of every living thing.


Video still from kAt blAck’s ‘Dress Me In Diamonds’ video

If you want to be uplifted, then you should consider buying and enjoying the Debut Album, ‘She Is Love’ of new artist, kAt blAck.

Love Mother Earth

In many ways, blAck is like an empath, hearing, feeling, sharing and interpreting the aches, pains and travails of Mother Earth. How can the human race survive if its planet is in turmoil? We might hear some rhetoric, such as global warming, but is anything really being done? On her Mother Earth track, kAt looks up in the sky and hears Mother Earth’s cry.  kAt blAck’s song interprets the feelings of Mother Earth. “Her trees are falling … To the ground … Can’t you hear the sound?” Earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, hail and bizarre weather patterns suggest that something is wrong: “She’s not happy … Round and round she does go. How she does it I just don’t know,” kAt hears Mother Earth and shares the message. Get on board, don’t just stand by, join kAt blAck in finding a way to honour, respect, protect and love Mother Earth.

Love Everything Living Thing

When you love every living thing, like kAt, you don’t create any enemies. You can focus on improving the world. Wouldn’t this be great music for feeding your soul? New Artist kAt blAck shares her Pantheist Dream with you. Relax and chill out after a tough day with kAt blAck Love. Follow, buy and enjoy the music.