On 7.17.17, the debut album from new star kAt blAck will hit the market. Her words pierce the soul with edgy dance/pop sounds you’ll love.


The debut of new Artist Kat Black’s first album is 7.7.17. Though the world is just discovering who she is the art of singing is something that comes naturally to her. The music industry, singer, songwriter, and producer, began experimenting with her talents in her home-based studio more than 10 years ago. Ready to take her career to the next level, this multifaceted and well-polished crooner is bursting onto the big stage.


The “She is Love” Debut Album Is Sure To Be A Hit

The 13-track LP is full of songs that speak to the soul. She sends a message to the world about empowerment, remaining strong, confidence, optimism, and an absolute love for nature and all its creatures. kAt blAck music and her musical realm cannot be compared with anyone else as she is in a league all her own. Her music has a techno flare with aspects of hip-hop and pop mixed in. Whatever your musical preference, she is sure to bring plenty of entertainment that will have your toe tapping and hips moving.


Dress Me in Diamonds Is About Rewards For Life’s Struggles

Her hit single “Dress Me In Diamonds” speaks about being rewarded for keeping faith in a tumultuous world that can sometimes make it very difficult to do. To be dressed in Diamonds for pushing through life’s disappointments, and the ability to pick yourself up again because of that faith. The diamonds are the reward for being strong when she could have given up. She speaks to the listener through metaphoric words that prick the heart. Though only a snippet of the song has been released, fans are anxiously awaiting the release of this track. Her album will be available on iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Music Play, as well as all music streams.

Video still from ‘Dress me in Diamonds’


Kat Black Tells a Story and Leaves Fans With Hope

Kat Black Music is unlike anything that is on the market. Take for instance the song “Sadness.” She connects with her audience through her painful experiences. The Aurora, Ontario native’s voice fills the room with an incredible energy that leaves you on edge and excited for more. Her songs feel like stories taken from the pages of her life’s book. You can easily see into her past, understand her present, and get an idea of her hopes for the future. Plus, she adds some classic old-fashioned rock and roll to her album to appeal to those who love bass guitars and synthesizers.

New artist kAt blAck’s album cover features a saying from the infamous Roald Dahl, which states “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” Her magical voice is sure to be one that people won’t forget. Till the release, the world can follow her on social media.