Dark and edgy pop with mesmerizing vocals and a superstar-like gift for performance, kAt blAck is clearly on to something very special.  Her much anticipated debut album “She is Love” drops on 7.7.17 and what’s been revealed so far has the EDM world and beyond hungry for more.


There’s a certain vibration that’s felt when a multidimensional artist clicks in so many different areas at the same time, that their future shines with limitless potential.  Pop/EDM singer, songwriter and producer kAt blAck completely embodies that vision.  Matching her dark, smart and edgy pop that’s comfortable both inside and outside the electronic dance music scene, with poise and charisma of an industry vet, many are counting the days until her debut album’s July 7, 2017 release date.  Titled “She is Love” anticipation surrounding the release is high.

“I am thrilled to be realizing a dream that started 10 years ago when I recorded my first song in my home studio.  I knew I had found my creative outlet and that someday I would be releasing an album,” commented kAt blAck on her debut.  “She is Love starts to open up who I am to the world and invites them to experience my music with me.”

According to kAt blAck, she has been something of a natural musician, completely self-taught as a songwriter, vocalist and producer.  A remarkable feat considering the clearly, high quality and smooth sound of her work.

“She is Love” drops with vocal-focused EDM being in high demand across the globe, something that it clearly delivers, but with a fresh, unexpected and darker edge.  A new vision, but influences from a number of different quarters could be guessed at.  As for blAck herself, her image and early video work do seem to embrace and encourage a sense of mystery.

A video for “Can’t You See” and “Under Your Spell” off of “She is Love” are rising in popularity on YouTube, giving fans a taste of what to expect on the new release.

For more information on kAt blAck be sure to visit www.katblack.ca or follow her on Instagram @katblackmusic and on Twitter @katblack_music