She Is Love is the signature sound of Kat Black music. With tracks like “Under Your Spell,” this Canadian singer is transforming the nature of pop and electronic dance styles. Her message is refreshingly bright.


Fall Under Her Spell


Most music lovers understand crossover artists to be those who make a mark in one genre, then dabbled successfully in another. Kat Black music is an example of artistry that solidly has foundations in several music types, while exhibiting an overlying ethereal theme throughout. This debut album is a striking illustration of the eclecticism of modern artists attempting to make inroads into several musical streams at once.

With a signature title like “Under Your Spell,” Ms. Black successfully traverses the pop and electronica bridges. The thrust of modern pop is now diverting toward simple dance rhythms and mod-wheel effects that earn the attention of people with various backgrounds. Contemporary electronica sounds now must pay homage to previous artists, yet possess elements of originality in order to be considered quality. Kat Black has an otherworldly sound that is pleasing to any die-hard music fan in either camp.

Black’s image is undoubtedly brooding and dark. This is not so much a gimmick, as it is a lure. With a 90’s-style Gothic persona, she is able to turn fan ideals toward a brighter message of hope and lightheartedness. Her debut album has 13 tracks that exemplify a unique notion of combining positive emotive threads with the looming pervasiveness of driving beats. In short, her music is like a Romance Era vampire touting the joys and wonder of New Wave enlightenment. This album is a virtual battle between light and dark, with light being the victor only by traversing a path driven by well-constructed melodies. This music is both ailment and medicine.

She Is Love is a collection that should be included in your personal music files if you have an appreciation for music that is poetically driven, yet relies on dance beat integrity to be entertaining. Kat Black combines a refined soprano vocal sound, and a nearly primordial club beat matrix in a way that produces a singular spiritual message. That message is focused on finding glimpses of extravagant light in a world of unrelenting darkness. New artist Kat Black is evidently one of the few club electronica artists still fascinated with influencing listeners through pure musical means.

Though new artist Kat Black relies on the desire of listeners to extract the meaning in her music, her debut album has more artistic integrity than the majority of crossover artists at work today. If you want a fresh, yet familiar sound for your next house party and club event, buy this album as a first consideration.